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Anybody can use Billetsystemet!

Billetsystemet 2006 (The Ticket System)
Billetsystemet 2006 is the new professional system for ticket booking and sales, developed especially for the small-business organizers of theater, music, sports, events, shows, etc.
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Billetsystemet 2006

Time Dimension Generator
Regnecentralen's popular OLAP / data warehouse Time Dimension Generator is back - now as a free, online service. Start here and build your own professional time dimension in just a few seconds!

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Specifying OLAP Cubes On XML Data, Journal Edition (PDF)
Converting XML Data to UML Diagrams for Conceptual Data Integration (PDF)
Discovering Multidimensional Structure in Relational Data (PDF)

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Billetsystemet Net
Billetsystemet 2006
Time Dimension Generator

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