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Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1
Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1 has been released! Click here to learn more

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Product group Galigogs released 2009/05/18
It is with great pride we release the new Galigogs-platform for all existing GP81-60 customers.

Billetsystemet Net Released! 2009/01/25
We have released a new version of Billetsystemet - for customers who only needs to sell tickets via the Internet. Read more at

New Company Headquarters 2008/02/01
We have moved our headquarters and are now located at:
Prinsesse Maries AllÚ 1, 1
DK-1908 Frederiksberg C.

Billetsystemet 2006 transaction policy 2007/10/01
Money transfers for all Billetsystemet 2006-customers are redirected to for greater flexibility.

Billetsystemet 2006: New lower rates! 2007/10/01
We are happy to announce a reduction in price for using Billetsystemet. All customers have been individually informed.

Billetsystemet v 2.1.3 released 2007/07/01
Version 2.1.3 of Billetsystemet has been released. The upgrade is available to all customers free of charge.

Server upgrade and maintenance 2007/01/25
The rc1 server has been offline for approx. 2 hours due to maintenance.

Popular service online again! 2007/01/11
Our popular service, the Online Time Dimension Generator is back online!

Server upgrade 2006/07/27
The rc1 server has been offline for approx. 3 minutes due to a security update.

Brand new Online Booking for Billetsystemet! 2006/07/27
The brand new online booking module for Billetsystemet has been released. Will be installed at all clients during the week.

Server database security upgrade 2006/05/24
Security upgrade of server databases 2006/05/24 23:59. Server will be offline for a duration of approx. 10 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Billetsystemet v 1.9.9 released 2006/04/20
Version 1.9.9 of Billetsystemet has been released. The upgrade is available to all customers free of charge.

Server upgrade completed 2005/12/02
We've completed upgrade of our server (new RAID). The duration of the upgrade was a little less than 8 minutes and no data was affected.

Billetsystemet newsletter established 2005/11/01
We have created a newsletter service for Billetsystemet. The newsletter will be used for communication important news about Billetsystemet (e.g. price changes, product news, operation changes, etc.). Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Billetsystemet v 1.9 released 2005/10/14
Version 1.9 of Billetsystemet has been released. The new version includes a messaging function that allows the administrators to send textual messages to clients. As usual, the upgrade is available to all customers free of charge.

Billetsystemet: New lower rates! 2005/09/24
Regnecentralen has decided to lower the prices for using Billetsystemet due to market competition. The new prices will be in effect from the 1st of September 2005. All existing customers will be charged by the new rates for all transactions committed after 00:00:00 2005/10/01 CEST.

Regnecentralen hires new consultant 2005/08/21
Regnecentralen is proud to welcome Per Erik Grans°e to our team. Per holds degrees in musical theory and French language/litterature from universities in Denmark and France. Per will be working as an internal consultant on software design and communications. Read more about Per in the people section.

Billetsystemet v 1.8 released 2005/08/04
Version 1.8 of Billetsystemet has been released. The new version includes several improvements to the graphical user interface. The upgrade is available to all customers free of charge.

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