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Constructing OLAP Cubes from XML Data (Abstract)
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) enables analysts to gain insight into data through fast and interactive access to a variety of possible views on information. In the traditional data warehousing approach, selected information is extracted in advance and stored in a repository. This approach is widely adopted because of its high-performance guarantee. However, in some situations a logical integration of data is preferable since some data is inherently not suited for storing in a data warehouse, e.g. dynamically evolving information.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is fast becoming the new standard for data representation and exchange on the World Wide Web. The rapid emergence of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce on the Web based on XML documents is making analysis tools capable of handling XML data necessary.

Based on a real-world case study this paper presents techniques for constructing an OLAP database (OLAP DB) from multiple data sources, enabling existing OLAP tools to exploit XML data.

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