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Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1
Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1 has been released! Click here to learn more

Kassesystemet at Work
"Kassesystemet" being used in a women's clothing store - click here to learn more

So Easy!
Anybody can use Billetsystemet!

Billetsystemet Features
Among many others Billetsystemet 2006 implements the following easy-to-use features:

Booking and Hand-out of Tickets
Quick and easy booking, hand-out (print) and buy-back of tickets. Rich and very intuitive user interface giving the operator full and easy-to-find information about all events, tickets, free seats, customers, etc.

Booking and Print via Internet
The Internet module allows users to book, pay, and print tickets from their own home, directly from your website. Tickets can either be booked for later pick-up and payment or payed for on-line and printed on the customer's own printer. Allowing customers to book the tickets themselves takes the stress of your booking office.

Integrated Point-Of-Sale
The integrated POS (Point-Of-Sale System) controls all financial transactions. Reports are printed when the booking office is closed showing all transactions. This makes it much easier to detect and resolve irregularities and minimize loss.

Administration Module
The Administration Module gives full control of events, tickets, seats, customers, operators, sales, internet module, etc.

Reporting Module
Get full insight into your data. Billetsystemet includes a sophisticated web-enabled reporting module you can use from everywhere. Show statistics about ticket bookings based on event, ticket types, time of sale, origin of customers, etc. Extract the reports and show them on the screen or export them to your favorite spreadsheet program for inclusion in annual reports, for making graphs, etc.

Customer Database
The included Customer Database contains many possibilities. Customer groups, customer types, historical data, data extraction based on bookings and purchases and much more. The Customer Database enables easy control of all customers - to be used for e.g. mailings and targeted advertisement.

Message Center
The Message Center enables the administrators of the system to send messages to the clients. Ideal for distributing critical information to the employees manning the clients. Messages are signed when read allowing you to see if a message has been read and who read it.

Online/offline Support
Billetsystemet is constructed for use with or without an Internet connection. The benefit is twofold. First, being independent from the Internet supplier makes the system more robust from periodical connection failures, ensuring that you will never end up in a situation with a long line of customers not able to get their tickets handed out. Second, the system can be used in places where Internet connection is not available, i.e. when you are touring with your show. There is no need to use ad-hoc unprofessional looking handwritten tickets when you are on tour. Install Billetsystemet on a laptop, unplug it and take it with you. Set it up on-site and hand out tickets to the customers. When you get back from the tour, re-connect the laptop and Billetsystemet will automatically synchronize itself with the server, sending all information to the server for reporting purposes.

Access Control
Every ticket is assigned a bar code when printed. Use the Access Control Module and scan every ticket when letting the customers in. The Access Control Module is an extra module and thus not included in the standard edition of Billetsystemet.

Member's Card
Give your customers a member's card. Billetsystemet supports magnetic stripe cards (credit card style) with value assigned. This means that you can assign a value to the member's card allowing the customer to use it to pay for the tickets. When the customer arrives the card is slid through the card reader and the ticket is payed for. The Member Card Module is an extra module and thus not included in the standard edition of Billetsystemet.

Low Price
Billetsystemet offers superiour functionality for a very low and competible price. There is no up-front expences and no subscription fee. There is no extra cost per installation - you can install Billetsystemet as many places as you want within your organization, giving easy access to everybody who needs it. You only pay a very low fee for each ticket you sell. Please contact the sales department and request a list of current prices.

Automatic Backup
Your valuable data is secure with Billetsystemet. The server backs up all data automatically - there is no need for you to rember making backups on tape or CD-ROM.

Encrypted Communication
All communication between Billetsystemet and the server is encrypted for your privacy. Billetsystemet implements a secure, industrial-strength 128 bit SSL encryption - the same standard used for encrypting credit card information when sent over the Internet.

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API integration
Easy booking and hand-out
Pay & Print over the Internet
Integrated POS
Administration login
Reporting module
Customer database
Full online/offline support

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End-user Terms
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