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Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1
Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1 has been released! Click here to learn more

Kassesystemet at Work
"Kassesystemet" being used in a women's clothing store - click here to learn more

So Easy!
Anybody can use Billetsystemet!

Kassesystemet Features
Among many others Kassesystemet implements the following easy-to-use features:

Sale/return of Products
Quick and easy selling of products, printing of receipts, handling of different currencies, money, credit cards, checks, returned products, gift certificates, credit notes, etc.

Product Administration Module
The Product Administration Module keeps track of all products, prices, discounts, etc. The module also keeps track of the stock enabling you to see stock levels and view stock transactions.

User Administration Module
Users of Kassesystemet are controlled by the User Administration Module. It allows you to define different access levels for users, enabling certain users to access "trusted" functions of Kassesystemet while preventing other users from performing tasks requiring special trust.

Analysis Module
The analysis module enables you to extract different reports showing statistics about sales, purchases, users, suppliers, products, etc.

Customer Database
If configured to do so, the system keeps track of all customers and their purchase history.

Very High Degree of Stability and Security
Using multiple copies of operating system, program files, and RAID-copies of the database the system is very robust to failures of any kind. If e.g. a hard disk fails, you simply boot the system using the operating system on the other disk and continue as if nothing had happened.

Fully Configurable Transaction Printer
The transaction printer for printing receipts can be configured in many ways. It can print advertisements and the shop's logo on the customer's receipt, it can be used for printing credit notes, and it can even be used for printing large banners using different fonts and styles.

Barcode Scanner
The system comes with a barcode scanner for speeding up the process of selling products. Just scan a product and the product information will appear on the screen.

Complete System, Ready to Use!
The system is delivered installed, including all hardware. Ready to use from day one!

Cheapest full-featured POS on the market
Very easy to use - requires only a minimum of training
Very stable and reliable UNIX-based system

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