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Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1
Billetsystemet 2006 v2.1 has been released! Click here to learn more

Kassesystemet at Work
"Kassesystemet" being used in a women's clothing store - click here to learn more

So Easy!
Anybody can use Billetsystemet!

Billetsystemet 2006 (The Ticket System)

Note: Billetsystemet has been acquired by

Billetsystemet 2006 is the new professional system for ticket booking and sales, developed especially for the small-business organizers of theater, music, sports, events, shows, etc. Billetsystemet is a flexible, efficient, and user-friendly tool making the task of planning, booking, and selling of tickets a very easy and fun experience.

Main Screen

Administration Module

Booking Graph

Billetsystemet implements all the features a small-business organizer needs. Bookings, sales, tickets, events/shows, and customers are handled and administrated in an elegant way. The build-in Point-Of-Sale system (POS) keeps track of all transactions, minimizing the risk of frustrating errors when balancing the cash register at the end of the day. The Internet Module allows your customers to book and buy tickets directly from your own website. The Reporting Module provides fast and easy access to all booking- and sales data. Customer information can be extracted for mailings and advertisements. Sales and bookings can be summarized in every way and extracted for direct use in annual reports and forecasts. The unique possibility for using the system off-line (i.e. without a working Internet connection) enables the system to be used "in the field" - just unplug Billetsystemet and pack the computer in the tour bus!

Billetsystemet enables the small-business organizers to handle and control the sale of tickets in an easy and professional way. The system is build for Windows XP using the same interface style as well known Microsoft products. This makes Billetsystemet very intuitive and easy to use. Billetsystemet can be used with almost any kind of ticket printer on the market - including the one you might already have. The cost of using Billetsystemet is very low. There is no up-front investment necessary and no hidden expenses.

System Requirements
To run smoothly, Billetsystemet requires the following hardware:

  • IBM Compatible PC running Windows XP
  • CPU: 1GHz (or faster)
  • Memory: 256MB RAM (or more)
  • Available space on harddrive: 500MB (or more)
  • Monitor: Color monitor capable of 1024x768x24 (or better)
  • Internet connection: 128Kbps (or higher)
  • Available USB port (for ticket printer)
  • Keyboard and pointing device

Recommendation From Customer
"We have been using Billetsystemet at Jomfru Ane Teatret since 2004. We switched from our old system because it didn't satisfy our needs and was too time consuming and expensive to use. We installed Billetsystemet and was up and running after only an hour. I'm still surprised by the system's user friendliness. It's enough to give only a few minutes of instruction before new personnel can handle the task of booking and handing out tickets.

I believe we can provide a much better service to our customers than before and I'll give Billetsystemet my best recommendation. It's by far the best system for ticket booking and sales I've ever tried.

Michael Mansdotter, Manager
Jomfru Ane Teatret
Aalborg, Denmark

Buying Billetsystemet
Please refer to for information on how to buy Billetsystemet.

Further Information
If you need further information on Billetsystemet please contact us.

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End-user Terms
Vilkår for slutbruger onlinebestilling (in Danish)

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